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Odigo is not a ride-sharing service and does not take bookings from passengers.
It is like a pager and Whatsapp group - but much, much more.
It is a tool that automates the dispatch and completion of both your own and offloaded jobs.
Odigo helps you improve customer service and gives you time to grow your business.

5 reasons why your passengers, drivers and you will love Odigo

1. Passengers want to know their driver is on time

Make passengers feel safe that everything is under control

2. Easily organise drivers, contractors and customer service

Improve how your business is run

3. Enter jobs in seconds and automate the rest

Save yourself time, effort and prevent mistakes

4. Be paid when you complete jobs from other chauffeurs (offloaded)

Earn income, boost cashflow and with no fees

5. Odigo displays only your company name to your passengers, regardless of who is driving them

Always promoting your own business brand

Powerful features

Realtime information on all jobs

passengers, drivers, managers can track job progress and location

Adaptable to changes

Respond easily when flights are delayed or passengers cancel

We've got your back

Odigo will notify you when things are not going to plan and you can act before passengers are impacted

Job exchange done properly

When you can't do a job, offload jobs to drivers in seconds and track job progress like your own jobs

Fast and simple to use

Designed for non-tech users. Fifteen minutes to setup then seconds to post each job.

Realtime payment and convenience

Top up and withdraw directly into your bank account. Immediate, secure payments.

Reviews directly from passengers

passengers have the option to provide feedback on all jobs so you can make informed customer service decisions

History of jobs

Receive statements and reports on jobs posted and accepted, making your bookkeeping easier

Now Available

Free to download and register. Follow instructions on App and Play Stores.


35¢ to post each job
  • Free to Download & Register
  • Free User Support
  • Free to accept posted jobs
  • Register Unlimited users
  • Register Unlimited vehicles
  • Free activity statements
  • Free Future Updates & Fixes

Frequently asked questions

I am having trouble registering. What should I do?

Get in touch with us by email or phone.

Phone: 03 9005 5727


Who is Odigo for?

Odigo is for all chauffeur organisations, small, big and in between:

Single driver and larger operations, that want to win in the marketplace by offering amazing passenger experiences

Operations with multiple drivers to create awesome experience for both passengers and drivers

Drivers who don't want the overheads of maintainaing passenger relationships and are happy to receive work

How much does it cost?

$0.35 per job.

On a $75 job, that's 0.46%. If you do 5 jobs per day, that's the cost of half a coffee.

Job fees are charged at the time of posting and are subtracted from your Odigo wallet.

Wallet Top Ups attract a $0.30 + 1.5% credit card transaction fee and wallet withdrawals attract a $0.30 transaction fee.

What is an own-org job? What is a network job?

There are two different types of jobs you can post to Odigo: own-org and network jobs.

🔵 Own-org jobs (created by tapping the blue new job button) are jobs that your own organisation drives and completes.

🔴 Network jobs (created by tapping the red new job button) are jobs that you give to other organisations to drive and complete. You can send network jobs to specific organisations that you setup as partners or you can post to the entire network in your city.

I am a single driver chauffeur business. How will Odigo help me?

The benefits for a small operator are enormous:

Notifications and tracking for your passengers so they are better informed about your jobs

Quickly and easily give jobs to other drivers so you can always say "yes" to your passengers

Odigo will help you manage situations when things are going wrong so you don't impact passengers

Appear like a big professional organisation to your passengers, with information technology, lots of drivers and with strong processes

Track jobs other drivers are doing for you so you know your passengers are getting good service

Ability to earn more income by doing jobs for other operators, when you have the time

Can anyone register with Odigo? What about organisations without driver accreditation or private vehicles?

Odigo deals only with registered chauffeur businesses.

In order to register an organisation with Odigo you must have a valid ABN as we provide receipts on your behalf. All drivers must also be adequately registered and insured in the state they operate in, so that everyone is covered when sharing of jobs occurs. Since the industry is gradually changing in Australia, we will also adapt but our focus will remain on supporting chauffeurs and their business.

Do I have to leave a bond with Odigo like I do with pager groups?

No. There is no payment of a seperate bond amount.

With Odigo you maintain a wallet balance. Your job posting fees (including what you pay other organisations when you post network jobs) are subtracted from your wallet balance at the time of posting. Job fees for network jobs are not transferred to the driving organisation until job is confirmed complete and posting orgnaisation has an opportunity to authorise release of funds to driving organisation. This is in effect the bond per job.


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